Space Revitalization process


Personalized for YOU!

Because no two clients, spaces or circumstances are the same, we provide you with a personalized experience, based on your specific needs. Some projects require only a few hours, while some have more extensive needs.

Through hourly consultation, we show you how to re-work your existing space to enhance the style, beauty, organization and flow.

More insight into psychological perspective

Together we explore personal goals and life patterns so we can set up the space to better support your goals.

When you feel stuck in your life and are surrounded by an environment that is cluttered with an excess of belongings that define painful memories or a décor style that no longer reflects who you are, it can have a profound effect on your mental state and quality of life. Our mission is to set up the space to stimulate a state of harmony, inspiration and well-being, supporting your self-identity.



Read more about how Kim Colwell's interior design project above utitlized Shamhalla's signature approach.

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