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Transformational Space makes changes in the spaces in which you live and work through a unique integration of design psychology, feng shui, space revitalization and shamanic astrology. By fusing these four disciplines into a single, powerful system, we revolutionize the way your homes and businesses function and uncover the hidden blocks to your growth and success.

  • Feng Shui to create a harmonious, warm, inviting atmosphere that nurtures a sense of well-being. Suggestions are given to enliven the chi or energetic feel of your space.
  • Design Psychology We explore your personal blocks and life goals and offer strategies to set up your space to strengthen self-identity, motivation and focus.
  • Space Revitalization edit, re-arrange and revitalize your existing space using economic design solutions for great organization, personal style and flow.
  • Shamanic Coaching Based on thousands-year-old teachings of the ancient Seneca People, this transformational process reveals individual strengths, peace strategies, & personalized earth medicine for greater success, confidence, & Joy.
  • Shamanic Gardening Consultation  To create or enhance an existing garden that nurtures the soul, reflects individual strengths, & shapes the future. Incorporating permaculture, sustainable, & conservation design principles. Included are personalized suggestions for growing high-nutrition edibles, native plants, pollinators, & attracting butterflies, hummingbirds, & other beneficial wildlife.   


Melinda Joy Miller, founder, and Kim Colwell, Melinda Joy's daughter and owner of Kim Colwell Design.


Based on Los Angeles, you will have a choice of seeing us on-site or online. Our virtual approach allows us to offer this innovative service solely online to transform your space anywhere in the world.



On-site: $175 per hour

NEW Online: $225 flat fee*

*Online consultations require a hand drawn map and date of birth. Consultations are facilitated through skype, email or phone. Personalized suggestions are given for colors, furniture layout, curing structural feng shui issues, balancing natural elements based on feng shui and shamanic astrology, and intuitive coaching to empower self within the space.

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