Shamanic Classes

Gain tools for empowerment through guided personal discovery and application of ancient sacred teachings.

“Physical feng shui cures are 65% successful; metaphysical cures are 99.9% successful.” His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun, the Founder of Black Hat Feng Shui in America

The shamanic curriculum is suitable for newcomers, experienced practitioners and anyone who wants to discover new ways to approach life, heal the earth and create a sacred space.

Classes Offered:

  • DNA of Peace - Peace in Relationships
  • Shamanic Journey & Seasonal Celebrations
  • Labyrinth Design
  • Permaculture, Shamanic Gardening


       DNA of Peace - Peace in Relationships

A 4 part Series:

     DNA of Peace; Soul Elements of Transformation;

12 Steps to Peace; & Life Cycles of Peace

Instructor, Melinda Joy Miller, studied for ten years with Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, then president of the Seneca Indian Historical Society & an internationally known teacher of sacred teachings of the Ancient Seneca People. In 1991 Grandmother Twylah bestowed on her the honor of being a Keeper of the Medicine Wheel of Peace, Cycles of Truth.

Enhance shaman skills; communicate more effectively with the shaman at work within you; Find your life purpose, know & use your personal gifts, learn how to resolve & bring peace to all challenging, uncomfortable issues or situations.

What will I learn?

  • Sacred power in Direction
  • Creation and use of the Medicine Wheel, Medicine Shield and Medicine Bag
  • The 12 sacred Truths
  • Shamanic Astrology: How to set up environment to support one's personal identity
  • Insight into personal identity and personal growth
  • A process of peaceful resolutions to everyday conflicts and emotionally charged situations
  • To use the Medicine Wheel for protection
  • To create a personal medicine bag and other
    ceremony tools
  • Selecting your teaching stone
  • Spirituality of plants, stones, and animals
  • Ancient stories
  • In-depth view of ceremony and
    facilitating celebrations


"I have been inspired to make the most significant changes in my life from what Melinda Joy taught me a new level of spirituality, courage and confidence, all of which keep growing. I feel more able and prepared to meet life's challenges."
  Carolyn Perrong, NJ


"My studies with Melinda Joy Miller have taken my skills to a new level...sparked an interest in the Medicine Wheel of Peace and Labyrinth design. I am able to transform homes and land to enhance the well being in all areas of my client's lives."

Dorothea Zajaczuk, Tai Chi instructor, New Jersey

3 Days for each level

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Tuition: $480/group class*
$200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve

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Sacred Space - Shamanic Journey Class

Instructor, Melinda Joy Miller, studied for seven years with Moornah Simonea, a Hawaiian Kahuna learning ancient clearing techniques. This class includes Melinda Joy's thirty years experience in her practice of metaphysical healing and multi cultural modalities.

This is a class strengthens your ability to see, hear and feel the unseen world as a beginning step or advancement of your spiritual journey.

  • Attunement with natural elements
  • How to clear negative thoughts forms and toxic energies
  • Exclusive purification and healing ceremony
  • Experience how to counsel with the Ancient Circle of Peace
  • Mandala and color therapy
  • Empowerment and protection techniques for daily use
  • Shamanic techniques to remove obstacles in your life
  • How to create your own sacred space
  • Healing visualization techniques
  • Multi-cultural approaches to daily rituals
  • How to facilitate a ceremony
  • Shamanic healing techniques for self and the land


"Melinda Joy, you have taught me so very much about the World and Unseen Worlds, about your passions, feng shui, Tibetan Buddhism, Native Americans, and more. I honor you for all you have given me in my life."  Shakainna, Maryland

"Melinda Joy is the one, single most influential person on my spiritual path. Her community of like-minded Light workers together with her many students became the heart of a spiritual community [in Philadelphia]. I am deeply grateful." Chris Aldworth, PA

4 Days - See Class Schedule

Tuition: $640/group class
$200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve

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