A Shamanic House and Property Blessing

Cultivate spiritual and energetic benefits from your space

A Private, personalized, physical and metaphysical shamanic blessing ceremony that is performed on-site on the house and the property. It includes personalized visualizations and prayers that reflect the life purpose and goals of the client. It is performed onsite to encompass the home, landscape, and gardens, and the people living or working in the space to support:

  • Comfort, happiness, and protection of the client.
  • Harmonious alignment with the directions and the flow of energies throughout the house and surrounding property.
  • Specific suggestions can be made to anchor energies with trees or stones.
  • Spiritual protection for the home or business.
  • Connection to collective consciousness of peace, joy, and Compassion.  



Beginning the day before to meet the client, walk the entire property and home and to learn life purpose and the intent or character of the space involved. Taking time to clear any residual energies, to revitalize the movement of chi and to enhance the energetic feel of the entire space.


“Physical feng shui cures are 65% successful; metaphysical cures are 99.9% successful.”


Cost:  $425 - $2,400, plus travel expenses for round –trip airfare and lodging. The cost is determined by special needs of the client, the size of the house and property, the surrounding environment, and the landscape and gardens.

This service is facilitated on or off-site by Melinda Joy Miller.

Other services that effect the energetic feel of your space: shamanic space clearing, house blessing ceremony and feng shui.

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