Shamanic Consultation

Transform your environment to support deeper levels of well-being and personal empowerment

“Physical feng shui cures are 65% successful; metaphysical cures are 99.9% successful.” His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun, the Founder of Black Hat Feng Shui in America

A Shamanic Consultation begins with listening to your description of discomfort or personal experiences within your life, living or working space.

We then apply:

  • Shamanic Space Clearing - specialized techniques to evaluate and clear the space of toxicity, which can cause illness, insomnia or fatigue
  • If desired, a labyrinth design is set to use on a daily basis for self-reflection, personal insight and healing
  • Attunement to connect to the consciousness of love, compassion and harmony

About the practitioner


The Shambhalla Interior Design project (shown above) incorporates a mandala into the design of the jewelry case as a spiritual symbol that represents harmony.

Shamanic consultations can be blended with space revitalization or feng shui services upon request.


$160 per hour

"Melinda Joy is the one, single most influential person on my spiritual path. Her community of like-minded Light workers became the heart of a spiritual community. I am deeply grateful. "

Chris A, Magnified Healing Instructor





Melinda Joy's background in shamanic studies is incorporated in her book, Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden. It brings sustainable ancient, indigenous, and traditional gardening techniques, history, and mythology to modern permaculture.


Shamanic Gardening contains a cultural history of

sustainable gardening, including techniques used by Cleopatra,

the Japanese, The Pueblo Indians, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many others.


Learn to design an elegant, edible, sustainable landscape, grow healing herbs, extract flower essences, grow aphrodisiacs, and plant for nutrition and beauty. Shows how to blend shamanic principles into your gardening with increased awareness and effectiveness, developing your inner senses, working with earth energies, color, flower essences and more.


To purchase your signed copy today click here.



Current priase for Shamanic Gardening


“Shamanic Gardening is a treasure! Melinda Joy Miller has compiled

a lifetimes worth of experience into a beautiful book.  A labor of love, Shamanic Gardening combines the practical with the spiritual reminding us that our gardens are alive on many levels.  Melinda’s passion for the healing power of plants and connection to the earth is infectious. I am looking forward to introducing Shamanic Gardening to our community garden!”  

-Tara Radzinski, CEO, Sustainable Solutions Corporation


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