3 Chinese coins: Put on a red ribbon and place on the top of your rice bowl, ledger book, check book or in a fountain for creative abundance.

Bagua: An eight-sided object that represents the 8 aspects of life, 8 complimentary opposites of Fire, Water, Earth, Heaven, Lake Mountain, Wind and Thunder and the 4 yin and 4 yang. Superimposed over the entire home, property or each room, it is used as a guide to assess, adjust and create the Feng Shui design for the people who live in the home. The bagua and its usage are based on the Black Hat School of Feng Shui.

Bamboo: Represents vigor, longevity and extremely good fortune.

Chi or Energy: It is the universal force or cosmic breath. It can be used to influence, nourish and empower.

Cinnabar: A symbol of longevity, it is a very hard substance that is ground into a powder and used in many traditional Feng Shui blessing ceremonies. It has both yin and yang quality. It is said to transmute in two hundred years into gold with an interaction of sulfur and quicksilver.

Cures: There are many ways to improve the condition of a space. In Feng Shui, cures balance the chi and enhance the space, setting it up to be conducive to achieving specific life goals.

Dragon: Symbolizes the Yang forces of the landscape as well as power, strength and goodness.

Earth Element: It symbolizes stability and organization. Its form is flat and square. It is made by fire, makes metal, and dams water.

Elephant or Ganesh: Symbolizes strength and integrity. Ganesh helps to remove blocks from the earth path. According to Hindu legend, the world is supported on the back of an elephant.

Feng Shui: Wind and Water

Fish: Symbolize wealth and abundance. In a fish tank, include 8 black fish and 1 red fish for prosperity. The Arrowana fish is considered to be the best for Feng Shui.

Fire Element: It symbolizes danger, speed, and ferocity. Its form is a pyramid, made by wood, makes earth and melts metal.

Five Elements: Each of the five elements are continually interactive and balance each other.

Fountain or water: Represents wealth and enhances Chi. Place water or fish in the health and family, career or wealth sections of the bagua.

Geomancy: Divination or dowsing by means of lines, figures or by geographic features. Geomancy is concerned with practical problems and seeks information upon which practical decisions can be made.

Horse: A symbol of persistence, swiftness and intelligence. Of special importance are the eight famous horses that carried the legendary King Mu to visit the Royal Mother of the West.

I Ching: (pronounced ee ching) It means change: Ching refers to established rules of a spiritual nature, personal growth and change. The lines that make up the I Ching in these eight trigrams represent Yin and Yang. The YIN lines are ___ ___ (dashes)female; the YANG lines are ____ (solid) male. Within the bagua or the 8 trigrams are found the polarities of our everyday world.

Jade Plant: Symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Place in a sunny location, in the wealth, family and health or career areas.

Laughing Buddha: Very popular deity with business people. Sometimes portrayed fanning himself while seated on a bag of gold.

Lotus: Symbolizes purity. It's the sacred emblem of Buddhism and sign of perfection.

Medicine Wheel: A circle of harmony and good spiritual energy.

Medicine Wheel of Peace: An energy chart from the Seneca tradition that helps you learn your True Identity. It teaches you how to recognize your Gifts of Birth and ways to respond to your personal life lessons. It is also used to understand your Truths and transform your lessons into stepping-stones of Love or Peace.

Monkey: Bringer of good health and success, they protect from harmful influences.

Phoenix: Yin force represented by a small hill and a footstool in the home or in front of the home. Symbol of easy and effortless life filled with happiness.

Pineapple: A fruit that indicates good fortune is coming.

Rabbits, Frogs and Song Birds: Considered to be very auspicious. Use lots of bird feeders and birdhouses on your property.

Rice: A symbol of abundance, prosperity and fertility. Seen as food for the Gods, it is used as a source of protection in a House Blessing Ceremony.

Stupa: A sacred form including the integration of a square, circle, triangle, semi-circle and a flame. The square represents earth. The circle represents knowledge. The triangle represents the spirit. The semi-circle represents law. The flame represents the Supreme Principle.

Trees: Represent growth in abundance. They make gentle winds blow prosperity into your life. In your wealth area, include items made of wood. Paintings with a lake surrounded by a forest are also very good Feng Shui.

Trigram: In I Ching, it is a three-lined symbol made up of the yin and yang lines in 64 combinations. Each line has its own specific meaning.

Water Element: It is an auspicious and sacred element, including all reflective surfaces, fish, shells and bodies of water. Its form is asymmetrical or wavy, made by metal, makes wood and puts out fire.

White Tiger: Symbolizes yin forces in the Earth and magisterial dignity, courage, and fierceness.

Wind chimes: Effective in channeling chi upward and into a room.

Wood Element: It symbolizes growth and fertility. It's form is columnar, made by water, makes fire and cuts into the earth.

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