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Feng Shui Design Gallery

Feng shui & interior design remodel client, Phyllis Stone




Feng shui client, Marc Halper

" I didn't want to repaint my walls or even move much furniture. The changes were subtle. Not only did the house almost immediately feel better to me, but also a number of people who had no idea that I had done Feng Shui commented that the house just felt more inviting. "

Mark Halper, Photographer, Los Angeles


Feng shui client, Steam Hair Salon


"During the time of construction, Kim made sure that all the color choices and room layouts were harmonious. I get comments every day from clients on how they love the energy of my space. This energy follows me to my home and helped me to decide color and placement there, which has made a huge difference in my sleeping patterns and the tranquility of my home life."

Carla Gentile, owner of the Steam Hair Salon


Shambhalla feng shui & interior design client, Rock Candy boutique


                              " I can't wait to get in there every day to just be in such a gorgeous environment! You truly captured the essence of what I was envisioning. It was inspiring to be around your positivity... thank you for all your wonderful ideas (and you had SO many)!"

Mary Edwards, owner of Rock Candy boutique



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