Interior Design Philosophy

The high-concept environments envisioned by Kim Colwell use cutting-edge creativity, intelligence, intuition, style and heart. Kim believes that your environment should be a reflection of your personality, desires and interests. Integrating principles from design psychology, each concept is designed solely for the client to support their self-identity or visually define a company brand.

Using feng shui techniques she enlivens the sensory experience within their space to evoke a feeling of warmth and invitation.

While each client has a different set of circumstances and desires, Kim supports the use of eco-friendly products that minimize environmental impact, whenever possible. She has just produced her first sustainable custom furniture and pillow line.


        Decor style before                     New interior design brand

The Shambhalla interior design project above shows how Kim conceptualized a visual brand identity that showcased her client's personality and individuality.

Before & After Photos

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