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Shambhalla testimonies


Mark Robert Halper, photographer
Los Angeles
Feng Shui + Custom furniture

"I didn't want to repaint my walls or even move much furniture. The changes were subtle. The house almost immediately feel better to me, also a number of people who had no idea that I had done feng shui commented that the house just felt more inviting.

There has also been a very noticeable bump in my business and in my personal life. I decided to work with Kim and have her design a bed. The bed made the room (I love that bed). Simply put, I can't recommend Kim and the Institute highly enough."


Siobhan McCafferty, Siobhan McCafferty & Associates
Los Angeles
Feng Shui + Space Revitalization

"I was astonished at how different the room felt. Thanks so much. Your generous gift far exceeded my expectations."



Deborah Eden Tull, Author, The Natural Kitchen
Los Angeles
Feng Shui + Shamanic Journey Student

"Kim is a heartfelt, creative, intuitive design artist. She brings more beauty, alignment and peace to peoples lives through aligning people’s spirits through their physical surroundings."



Suzana Palaic, interior designer
Los Angeles
Feng Shui

"Kim has worked on three of my spaces. Her feng shui and space planning skills are exceptional. Her work has changed the quality of my life and helped my business grow. Her sense of style and creativity are inspiring.”


Lee Rumsey, fine artist
Feng Shui + Shamanic Services

"You are a blessing of great joy and love in my life and your beautiful spirit touches us all."



Shakainna, executive secretary
Feng Shui + Shamananic Services

"Melinda Joy, you have taught me so very much about the World and Unseen Worlds, about your passions, feng shui, Tibetan Buddhism, Native Americans, and more. I honor you for all you have given me in my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Carolyn Grace Perrong
New Jersey
Shambhalla Institute Feng Shui Association Member

"I have been inspired to make the most significant changes in my life from what Melinda Joy taught me a new level of spirituality, courage and confidence, all of which keep growing. I feel more able and prepared to meet life's challenges."

Emily & Dav Camras, creative director & business director
Los Angeles
Feng Shui

"Kim provided us with insightful feng shui and design information [after purchasing our first home]. We are so pleased with the result and are complimented by friends. We feel that our new space accurately reflects who we are, as individuals and as a couple."



Valerie Day, RScP, spiritual counselor
Los Angeles
Feng Shui

"Kim was so present from the moment we first spoke. There is just a peace and calm that she exudes...she was interested in understanding my short-term and long-term goals.

I felt invigorated by the subtle changes we made. The morning after our consultation when I awoke my mind was clear and I was full of energy."

Meredith B. Robinson, Art is in Food

Los Angeles

Space Revitalization + Sustaiable Gardening Class

"Kim's approach to space revitalization was a truly wonderful process of discovery. She came up with smart solutions and suggestions that would generate better harmony, energy and peace in our home. She really takes the time to get into one’s psyche, targeting certain objects from the past that can inhibit one from moving forward, while simultaneously identifying others that reflect more of who one is, as a means of enhancing the living space to achieve feeling more grounded, focused and above all, inspired. We are grateful to her for providing us with guidelines to empowerment and better living."


Sandy Aruviel, neurolinquistic counselor
Feng Shui + Shamanic Services + Student of all Shambhalla Classes

"Thank you, Melinda Joy, for feng shui, energetics and all of your work with children, past life sharing, your meditations and insights, and your passion to bring healing to the world."

Martina Besecker, real-estate broker
Retreat participant + Shamanic Services

"Melinda Joy, you have touched my life from our early days in Sacred Spaces, to introducing me to feng shui, and our many ceremonies. You bring joy to all who know you."



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