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Shambhalla testimonies


Carla Gentile, Owner of Harper Salan + Steam Oils
Los Angeles
Feng Shui + Space Revitalization + Shamanic Clearing

"During the time of construction, Kim made sure that all the color choices and room layouts were harmonious. I get comments every day from clients on how they love the energy of my space.

This energy follows me to my home and helped me to decide color and placement there, which has made a huge difference in my sleeping patterns and the tranquility of my home life."

Erica Courtney Jewelry Designer
Los Angeles
Interior Design + Feng Shui + Custom Furniture

"Kim designed my store on Robertson blvd. Gorgeous and ethereal, with incredible attention to detail, she captured the essence of my brand while giving my clients an ambiance that was truly magical. I am currently working with her on my house and am just as happy and excited for the results."



Tracy Aftergood, VP, MediaWeaver Entertainment
Los Angeles

Interior Design + Feng Shui + Custom Furniture

"Working with Kim was transformative. She tapped into what I responded to on a visceral level. My place is fabulous! You are such a talented, thoughtful and industrious person! Every time I walk into my house I feel at peace and thankful for all your incredible hard work, creativity and impeccable taste."

Denis Colomb, Designer
Los Angeles
Feng Shui Consultation + Feng Shui Residential Class

"As an interior designer, I was very interested in feng shui. When we bought our house in Los Angeles, it was a great opportunity to get Kim to help us with the design, the colors and the furniture placement. After this wonderful experience, I decided to join her [feng shui] class."



Dr Bonnie Tauber, Clinical Psychologist

Los Angeles

Certification Feng Shui Student

"Kim's knowledge of Feng Shui is extensive and she has an intuitive way of working with people to help them make changes in a way they weren't even able to imagine before. Although I already have a gift for interior design and furniture placement, Kim came up with a way to reconfigure my living room that completely surprised me and totally transformed the room. I am also enjoying our class. I am learning so much."  

Deborah Lindquist, sustainable clothing & wedding designer
Los Angeles
Feng Shui Consultation + Shamanic Space Clearing + Sustainable Gardening + Many Classes

"This is the most awsome change I’ve seen in my whole life. You are the most amazing combination of mom and daughter  shamanic fengshui voodoo magic  girls ever!!!!!!!! This is huge. Thank you."


Nyee Moses, Recording Artist
Los Angeles
Shamanic Space Clearing

"The difference in the space is absolutely night and day ...and anybody
who comes into our home says the same."






Grace Grace Perrong
New Jersey

Shambhalla Class Alumni

"I have been inspired to make the most significant changes in my life from what Melinda Joy taught me a new level of spirituality, courage and confidence, all of which keep growing. I feel more able and prepared to meet life's challenges."


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