Space Revitalization Workshop


Explore techniques designed to re-create your environment to cultivate a deeper level of well-being and personal empowerment. This class delves into the psychological aspects of creating space.

We personalize classes, private and group, worldwide via Skype and in-person based on individual need, budget and interest.

We will focus on specific techniques to:

  • set up your space to increase your ability to focus.
  • set up your space to inspire creativity, relaxation, or motivation.
  • set up your space in a way that it supports your innate relationship with self.
  • set up your space to support personal identity to give you a sense of empowerment.
  • set up your space with improved organization, productivity, style and beauty.

2 Days - See Class Schedule


Kim Colwell, founder's daughter and owner of Kim Colwell Design.

Tuition: $375/group class

$100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve

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"Space revitalization was a truly wonderful process of discovery ....targeting certain objects from the past that can inhibit one from moving forward, while simultaneously identifying others that reflect more of who one is, as a means of enhancing the living space to achieve feeling more grounded, focused and above all, inspired..."
Meredith R, Los Angeles

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