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The Shambhalla Institute was created in 1991 for the study and application of how environment directly impacts one's quality of life. We offer a variety of ways to transform your home, business, garden, self and life.

Bring out your best self 

Offering many transformative services, you may choose a shamanic coaching sessions comprised from the founders background as a therapist, medicine woman, and metaphysical healer, take our shamanic journey class or retreat to learn self healing techniques with methods to bring yourself back to balance, or learn how to encourage more harmony into your relationships through the ancient technques of the medicine wheel of peace class. These innovative techniques enlighten your soul, increase your awareness, and enrich your life.

Transform your home, Business or Garden

Originally known as the Shambhalla Feng Shui Institute, we have a pioneered approach to transform the spaces in which you live and work through a unique integration of psychology, feng shui, shamanic, sustainable, and artistic design principles. By fusing these five disciplines into a single powerful system, they have revolutionized the way your home or business functions, uncovers the hidden blocks to your growth and success and unlocks your full potential to empower your life.

Book a personalized feng shui  or space revitalization session, have us facilitate your shamanic clearing, house blessing, customized labyrinth, or do a complete overhall with our transformational interior design. Each project uses our signature approach, making your space as meaningful, insightful and energetically vital as it isbeautiful.

We have taken these comprehensive technqies to the garden with our inventive approach to sustainable gardening. You may wish to gain powerful insight with our shamanic gardening consulation or class. Learn how to build a healthier lifestyle and expand your intuition while being minded to conserving water, giving plants their best growing conditions, and using our specialized energetic balancing methods.

Let us personalize an experience for you through an hourly consultation, class or retreat. We work with any scope or size project. No matter how you choose to work with us, this comprehensive approach will enhance the health, beauty and energetic feel of your environment or offer you a deeply personal process of renewal and reconnection to self.

Our reputation for comprehensive training offer students a dynamic, in-depth learning experience in shamanic studies, feng shui, and sustainable gardening. These classes are as diverse and holistic as our backgrounds.


The Founder


Melinda Joy Miller founded the Shambhalla Institute in 1991, incorporating her extensive background as a nationally known feng shui master, medicine woman and Keeper of the Medicine Wheel of Peace and Cycles of Truth Teachings of the ancient Seneca People, sensorimotor- integrative therapist and cultural anthropologist. Her experience in child and cognitive development has a direct effect on the environments in which she works to influence her client's sensory comfort within the space. Melinda Joy is also an expert in permaculture, metaphysical healing, and herbology.

Teaching all shamanic and sustainable gardening classes, Melinda Joy also facilitates personalized feng shui consultations, offers a full range of shamanic services, and has pioneered a specialized approach to garden transformations called Shamanic Gardening. Her book, Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden,introduces this powerful gardening system though anicent stories, folklore, how-to's, 165 superfoods to grow, companiow growing, color, feng shui garden design, and practical, easy tips to develop your own inner shaman..


Melinda Joy's daughter, Kim Colwell, BFA, NYU Tisch, is a second generation feng shui master and conscious interior designer who grew up with these diverse modalities since childhood. Kim has her own interior design and consultant company, Kim Colwell Design, and continues to teach feng shui classes and retreats through the Shambhalla Institute. Kim developed the service Space Revitalization for smaller projects where people can enlist her to transform their homes and businesses, making minor adjustments using your existing furnishings or creative additions. She is known for creating signature warm, balanced environments that showcase your personal style and nurture your ability to focus, motivate, or heal.

This mother and daughter team work separately or together, using their diverse backgrounds to create a personalized experience for each client or student, regardless of the budget or scope of the project.

In The Press


Pasadena has featured a five page spread on this duo's shamanic garden; C magazine, cited Kim as an 'urban healer'; InStore giving a nod to a boutique she designed as one of the coolest stores in the US; or Melinda Joy recieving world wide press for selecting the location for the Philadelphia sports arena. Their revolutionary approach is as provocative as it is insightful.

Additional interviews include Shape, Working Nurse, and the Philadelphia Dail News magazins, as well as NPR, the Kathleen Show, Bethany Perry Life Purpose, and Angel Air radio and TV shows. Their projects have been featured in Lucky, Angeleno, Feng Shui for Modern Living, JCK Luxury, Women's Wear Daily, California Apparel News, InStore, Rapaport Diamond Report, and National Jeweler magazines. Melinda Joy has two times graced the cover of Philadelphia Inquirer's Daily News.


Founded in Philadelphia in 1991, Kim is now based in Los Angeles and Melinda Joy in Orlando. Together they work, teach, and offer retreats throughout the United States and Vancouver, BC. They offer virtual consultations and classes world-wide via phone or skype.


What client's have to say

“The vast amount of knowledge makes the Institute special. You don't realize how much they positively impact your life until your life starts shifting.” Gilden Tumador, Recording Artist

 “They bring more beauty, alignment and peace into people’s lives through their physical surroundings.” Deborah Eden Tull, Author of The Natural Kitchen

“The Shambhalla institute provides many ways to improve your life and space. You will tap into emotions and creativity that can help you become the person you want to be.” Carla Gentile, Owner, Steam Oils



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